Stefano’s Garage is my website to track all that I know regarding the small fleet of cars I look after. The Internet can be a great resource, but it’s also full of crap. Finding the really useful knowledge and keeping track of it is my goal with the site. For the models of cars I am looking after, I want to make this the ultimate reference guide for the maintenance work they need.

The site has detailed references to their actual factory service requirements. I’ve researched the details, and have the owners guides linked for all of them as proof. I will list the ‘specs’ about certain aspects of each car as it relates to servicing, grades of oils, capacities, torque settings, tire pressures, sizes, etc. I have a ‘parts’ page for each car linking to sources for all the bits needed to perform the service work so you don’t have to go searching, cutting and pasting. I have a ‘knowledge’ page where I will link all the Internet articles and videos I find and are useful in accomplishing the tasks. I may shoot several myself. Finally, for those customer cars I maintain, I will have details about their cars and actual service history.

Hopefully you’ll find this site the Ultimate DIY Maintenance Guide for the Volkswagen Mark 7 Golf, GTI, and AllTrack, the Fiat 500, and the Ford Transit Connect.