VW Golf Mk7 Service Manuals

One of the things I really wish I had for all the Mk 7 Golfs I maintain is a decent workshop manual. Something like one of the excellent Bentley manuals I’ve got for my Mini Cooper S and Beetle Turbo. I was able to track down online the official series of VW issued manuals for their own service technicians. It was listed as the Volkswagen Golf 2012-2017 Workshop Manual.

Owners Manual

Here is the 400+ page overall owner’s manual that shows you are the features of the Golf. It is extensive but you will be amazed at all the little nuggets of information you’ll find.


These manuals outline the schedule maintenance intervals and procedures related to them. Things like oil changes, etc. These are more concise compared to wading through the full blown service manuals further down.

OBDII Diagnostics

The Golf has many computer modules in it, and you’ll need to be comfortable using an OBDII scan tool to talk to them. My suggestion is to get an OBDEleven Scan tool to take much of the guess work out of it (check it out on the Tools page). If you use a generic OBDII tool, here are links to explanations of the P Codes, etc.

Service Manuals

These are the official detailed service manuals for all things in the car, from the engine to the stereo system. Keep in mind if you are just doing routine scheduled maintenance items, there are more concise manuals above.