VW Golf Mk 7 Knowledge

I spend a lot of time searching out knowledge on the Internet when a problem arises. When I find some good advice, I like to save the reference so I can refer back to it in the future.   Videos, blogs, forums, our own notes.  Anything on this page is something we’ve followed along and done the project, and we know the info is good.  If it helped Stefano, it might help you. 

Oil Change Basics

You need a special socket for the oil filter housing (32mm), and the drain plug is a special tool unless you’ve converted to the ECS Tuning magnetic drain plug (parts page). You need oil, oil filter and new o-ring for housing, new o-ring for the drain plug.

Cabin Filter Change

Wiper Blade Change and Service Position

Spark Plug Service

Gap to 0.032″ (0.8mm). OEM plugs linked on parts page. He fights with the coil packs in this vid, breaks one. The second video below doesn’t have the same issue…

This guy takes lots of harness off, might not be needed. See first video.

Serpentine Drive Belt Replacement

DSG Transmission Service

Need to have the special fluid pump from the tools page.
The battery gets disconnected as part of the process. Upon reconnecting we had a raft of dash warnings that couldn’t be cleared with OBDII. Steering angle sensor, wheel speed sensor, DSC failure, TPMS failure. All it took was driving 100meters around the block and all of this cleared. The sensors need to check in or calibrate or something. All good.
The video also fails to mention the mess removing the DSG filter housing on top creates a mess as you remove it.  Next time, I will cut a hole in some pig mat and push overtop housing and onto chassis to absorb the fluid spill. PITA.

GTI Performance Pack Electronic Front Differential Haldex Fluid Service

A little background on the Haldex as it applies to the rear of an AllTrack and the fancy Front Performance Pack Electronic diff on the GTI. Read about it here.

Airbox Removal

Just disconnect hoses and carefully pull up out of the three rubber grommets (third grommet not visible but is under center portion of airbox. Medium force.

AllTrack Rear Haldex Service

A little background on the Haldex as it applies to the rear of an AllTrack and the fancy Front Performance Pack Electronic diff on the GTI. Read about it here.

Resetting the Service Due light Manually

Also, found this section in the VW Service Manual

Manual Transmission Fluid Service

Rear Hatch/Tail Gate Trim Panels Removal

You might need to pull this trim off for the rear wiper motor or fitting a rear dash cam. Can be seen clearly how to remove in this video on aftermarket tail light mods.

Removing A Pillar Trim Panel

You might want to do this to snake some wires down from the Headliner towards the under dash area (like for Dashcam power)

This is a pretty crappy video, and the guy botches it, but once its apart you can see what to do properly (as someone notes in comments).

And this online article has pictures that better detail the process the guy above botches (here)

Headliner Grab Handle Removal

Tips on how to get these special clips out to release the grab handles.

Thinkware Dashcam Manuals

We fitted the Thinkware U1000 Dual Dashcam system to Karen’s GTI. Here are PDF versions of the books that made it happen.

U1000 Quickstart Guide

U1000 Users Manual

How to Hardware a Thinkware Dashcam

Thermostat Housing and Water Pump

I guess this is a common fault of the MQB engine, there is a small water leak around the thermostat housing. Gonna be a ‘witch to replace.

Carbon Buildup Removal

Appears to be an issue looming in the future for all the direct injection engines, and something worth doing if you have the intake manifold off for the Thermostat Housing.

Front Brake Service

Rear Brake Service