Avery’s 2006 Mini Cooper S Cabrio

Vehicle Details

  • Make – Mini
  • Model – Cooper
  • Model Year – 2006
  • Trim – S
  • Options – Premium Package (Multifunction Steering Wheel, Dual Pane Panoramic Sunroof, Automatic A/C, Computer) & Sport Package (DSC, Fog Lamps, 17″ Alloys, Bonnet Stripes, Xenon Headlights) & Cockpit Chrono Package & Convenience Package
  • Engine – 1.6 liter Supercharged (168 bhp)
  • VIN – WMWRH33556TF88350 (VIN Decoder here)
  • Purchase Date – (2nd owner) April 12, 2021
  • Purchase Mileage – (2nd owner) 48,422 miles
  • License Plate – 5WBB759 (California) (SMOG Lookup here)
  • Color – Cool Blue Metallic

Additional Specs online here and on Wikipedia here.

MyCarFax Records here (logged in as Stefano)

Avery with her Mini on the First Day

Service History

Date: April 3, 2021
Mileage: 48,629
Performed by: Stefano’s Garage

Services Performed: Final touches to get ready for delivery to new owner Avery. Included:

  • Full Exterior Detail and Ceramic Coated
    • Claybar
    • Polish with Chemical Guys 36 optical grade polish
    • Wipe down with Alcohol to remove waxes
    • Ceramic Coated (CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0) the paint, racing strips and black plastic trims
    • Wheel dressing
  • Added 3M Scotchguard Pro PPF over the front headlights to protect them from dings and UV
  • Replaced Cabin Air Filter (old one was yuk! looks like it had never been changed since new)
  • Fitted OEM audio system with Aux in port and custom installed the Aux jack in center console
  • Fixed issue with twist in Drivers side seatbelt (unbolted at base and rotated 180°)
  • Fixed issue with squeaking drivers and passenger doors. Lubricated hinge pings and white lithium grease on door restraint detents did the trick.
  • Mounted front license plate with bracket to towing ring mount.
  • Secured front bumper/undertray with three new M6x1.0x25 mounting bolts from Aston Martin
    • Trimmed undertray components to be flush on passenger side
  • Removed skanky generic rubber floor mats.
  • Repaired/re-glued Velcro mounting tabs on bottom of front carpeted floor mats.
  • Noted that right front quarter panel black plastic trim was loose at rear. Investigated to find that two clips broken off, one clip missing. Removed part, reviewed clips to order new ones, and moved one remaining good clip to end position to better hold it while awaiting parts.
  • Removed old windshield service stickers and original dealership decal on rear hatch.
  • Final fluids check and top off.
  • Test drove to make sure was ready to go. All good.
Looking shiny and ready for Avery!

Date: March 25, 2021
Mileage: 48,629
Performed by: Neillo Mini (Sacramento)

Services Performed: Dealer visit to tackle a few of the last items Stefano doesn’t do. Car is perfect now.

  • Performed 4 Wheel Alignment
    • Dealer found that DPO mechanics had left the front toe adjusting nuts loose as well. Front Toe was wrong way both sides at the start (hence nervous steering)  Dialed in correct alignment on all four corners.   Check out the results here.
  • Bled the clutch
    • Stefano and Ray-bear couldn’t get it perfect and the pedal was spongy. Let the professionals tackle it.
  • Repaired the A/C system.
    • Evacuated .13 lbs of refrigerant. Pulled 30″Hg Vacuum for 10mins and it held (no leaks) and then recharged with correct amount .95 lbs of refrigerant. System blows cold now.

Date: March 20, 2021
Mileage: 48,620
Performed by: Stefano

Services Performed: Major service. Cleaning up all the issues hidden by the DPO (Damn Previous Owner). The mechanics that had serviced her car last botched it and damaged it. Missing bolts on the transmission and engine mount, lied to her and didn’t change the clutch slave, stripped the oil drain plug and hid it under a wad of sealant, missing throttle body air inlet tube clamps, and the list went on. This was all about safety checks and reliability. At the end of the process the car was in 100% top shape.

Major Service Included:

  • Replaced Clutch Slave Cylinder (old one cracked and leaking)
  • Replaced Rear Brake Rotors (worn past minimum thickness of 8.4mm)
  • Replaced Rear Brake Pads (at minimum)
  • Replaced Rear Brake Wear Sensor (worn)
  • Double Checked Front Brake Caliper Torque (worried about other mechanic)
  • Brake fluid flush with Motul RBF600
    • Bled the Clutch
    • Bled all four brakes (rears had likely never been done)
  • Replaced Right Hydraulic Motor Mount (failed and leaking)
  • Replaced Lower Motor Mount – Dog bone (Rubber was ripped and flexing)
  • Replaced missing Transmission housing to block bolt (previous mechanic left it out)
  • Tightened and Torqued Left Engine Mount Bolt (was left loose by previous mechanic)


  • Replaced coolant with 50/50 mix of official BMW/Mini Coolant
  • Changed accessory drive belt
  • Cleaned Throttle Body butterfly valve
  • Changed Air Filter
  • Changed Oil Filter
  • Changed Oil with Castrol Edge 5W-30 synthetic
  • Changed Oil Filter Housing Gasket
  • Repaired Striped Oil Drain Plug threads using Time Sert (previous mechanics destroyed threads)
Before – RVT Sealant to stop stripped drain plug leak by previous mechanic
Before – Wrong washer (there should be NO washer)
Before – stripped threads
After with Time Sert threaded Insert
  • Changed Oil Drain Plug
Original showing stripped housing aluminum filling the threads.
  • Changed Manual Transmission fluid
  • Topped up Power Steering Fluid (Pentosin CHF-11S)
  • Changed Crank Position Sensor O-Ring (had been leaking for years)
  • Changed Battery (installed Duracell Platinum AGM)
  • Changed Left and Right front suspension Inner Ball joints
  • Changed Left and Right front suspension Outer Ball joints
  • Changed Left and Right front suspension control arm bushings with new aftermarket Polyurethane bushes
  • Changed Cabin Air Filter with aftermarket Activated Carbon version
  • Degreased Engine, Engine Bay and Subframe
  • Replaced broken drivers side seat adjuster handle
  • Replaced missing optional interior drink cup holder